Rock Solid Development

Use the best technologies and best practices for making your business grow

  • Scale a project with more new features and more people in the team is not easy. And sometimes, it's impossible.
  • Without the proper knowledge, the projects grow until the complexity is unmanageable.
  • Developing a product that scales requires more thinking than coding. And this is what we do. We make the business grow by thinking correctly.

Hi, I'm Adrián, and since I funded Adrima in 2007, we've been making business grow with technology.

Adrián Ribao

Software development is hard. Unless you know how to do it and take your time to think.

I've seen it many times. A project is stuck because it is impossible to keep up with the market and the customer's requirements. It's a critical point in the life of a startup or a consolidated company.

We love to make the business grow! It's exciting to be part of a project when it's growing and facing the real world's problems.

Long experience with best technologies

Our journey started in 2007 when we specialized in Django. At the time, Django was a not well-known framework. However, we have witnessed its success year after year and contributed to many projects based on it during this time.

We have used Python extensively in our projects, not only developing web apps. We have worked on IA projects using PyTorch too.

Recently we have added Elixir to our toolbox. In the early days of the language, we found it fascinating. It solved some problems that most common frameworks have. We introduced high concurrency and real-time features in our apps.

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